While Search Engine Optimization is about making your site visible to search engines, SMO’s concept is to optimize your site in order to make it visible on social media searches, easy to be linked to, visible on internet search engines for blogs.

Here Are The 5 Rules Of SMO…

Increase your linkability: Search engine optimization talks about getting relevant back links. Social media optimization however emphasizes on the need of making your website linkable. In most cases websites are hardly updated and display limited content. To enhance the linkable feature on such websites, adding a blog could be a better idea.

Make tagging and bookmarking easy: You need to add quick buttons to make bookmarking and tagging easier. You can also include list of relevant tags and suggested notes for a link. You need to tag your pages on popular social bookmarking sites as well.

Reward inbound links: The importance of inbound links could not be denied. A better way of increasing links is by encouraging the sites that link to you. You can do this by listing recent linking blogs on your site. You’ll be rewarding them and encourage others to do the same.

Help your content travel: When you have portable content like video files, audio files, PDFs, you need to let them travel. You can do this by submitting them to relevant sites. YouTube is one of the best ways to promote your videos online. When you submit your content on other sites you’ll be promoting your site and get links back to your site.

Encourage the mashup: In the process of establishing and maintaining relationships on web, you need to be more open and let others use your content. RSS feed is the best example for this, by syndicating your content others will be able to create mashups and promote your content.

Social media optimization is all about building relationships. You need to build trust, make the readers feel at ease and provide interesting content to make them return over and over again. You need to be creative and enjoy your social life on the World Wide Web.