Archive for December, 2010, it’s a new portal to get all the material for gtu exam, gtu result, gtu syllabus and all most all about the GTU. You can download the material for your personal use, it’s free. This Blog is specially created for the GTU students. Right now, we covering B.E, M.C.A and M.B.A just because we just started this blog. Latterly, we will cover up all the branch and courses of GTU. If you want to be a partner of this blog then also you can be, by sending your material us at (mention yours and collage name).

We will put all the material which you send us, and will give credit to you also by mentioning your name at there. The Main and the most imp. Purpose of this blog Is to connect all the GTU students at one place. Here you can share your material, ask the question and also give the best thing,’ SUGGESTION’ regarding study, this blog or anything by just typing at our Shout Box or mail us at or also at our facebook page. So just enjoy the new blog, hope you people like it. Thank you.

All and all its a best website for all gtu students.

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