Today Orkut began rolling out applications (apps for short) and they have plans to roll out apps in local languages over the next few weeks.
Orkut going Facebook road
For me application integration experience is same as Facebook. As you log into your profile, you can have access to 25 apps to your profile.So just watch out for the more apps link in your profile over the coming weeks.
Some of forthcoming apps are
TypeRacer: A typing game that lets you race your orkut friends,
Viibee: A dating app that lets you watch videos, read profiles , potential matches etc.
MyMiniLife: Imagine a world where you can create your own place that fits your unique style
Crazy Story Game: Crazy Story Game lets you create funny stories with your friends
Hangout: Plan hangout with your friends.
Conclusion : The “apps” entry to Orkut is similar to what Facebook already provides so if you are not bored of Facebook or fed up with application spam yet then go ahead and try “All new Orkut with tons of apps.”